Sijtsma handelsonderneming

Leeuwarderstraatweg 97A

Heerenveen (opening alleen op afspraak)

Whatsapp: 0640045257 (alleen Whatsapp)

Banknaam: Rabobank

Bic Code: RABONL2U

Rekeningnummer: NL18RABO0315535687

tnv: Sijtsma handelsonderneming.

BTW-nummer: NL001461294B75


Buitenlandse klanten:

We can send parts to allmost all countries in the world.

Not all coutries can be selected yet in the check out menu.

Is your country not in the list, please send us an email:

As soon as we have added your requested country, the order can be placed.

Payment can be done to:

Bankname: Rabobank

Biccode: RABONL2U

Banknumber: NL18RABO0315535687

Fao: Sijtsma handelsonderneming.

Reference: Your ordernumber from the webshop.

Since june 2020 it is also possible to pay with Paypal.





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